Cuntspiracy EP

by Fast Response



released July 1, 2013

Produced and mixed by Mark Mrakovcic and Pajo



all rights reserved


Fast Response Zagreb, Croatia

3 sexy dudes and a drummer, playing melodic punk rock
Pajo – vox, guitar
Veky – bass, back vox
Nino – lead guitar, back vox
Budha – drums

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Track Name: Cuntspiracy
I come from the land of greed and hate,
A fate I can't escape.
I got so high, and I never felt so low
did what I was told, and I lost my soul.

I'll admit, once upon a time,
I fell in line just to get laid.
And I regret every choice I made,
was not what I had in my head.

I am the son of thieves and whores.
A broken mind behind these doors,
A throat without its chords.
a lack of a „me“,
expressed in nationality,
pumpin' through their veins
and I am ashamed.

Fuck you and die, I don't want to be a part
of a criminal design.
I regret, every choice I made,
was not what I had in my head.

Drug after drug, shot after shot.
I do believe that everything's our fault.
Thousands of poster kids screaming
Sell me.
Fuck you and die.
Track Name: Vrati mi pare
Vrati mi pare!
Vrati mi pare!
Vrati mi pare, (i)metak i zdravlje.
Vrati mi pare!

Vrati mi tange! Tange moje bake!
Vrati mi tange, za ples oko štange.
Vrati mi tange!

Vrati mi grablje!
Vrati jer sam farmer.
Vrati mi grablje, da na njih stanem.
Vrati mi grablje!

Vrati mi hlace!
Jer sam potplacen.
U nogu sam ranjen, pimpek mi stanjen.
Vrati mi pare!